Software Set Up

Whether you’re just beginning, switching software companies, or you’re simply wanting to get your current paperwork online, I’m here to help.

I’ll load you up so you can carry on.


Day to Day

Those pesky employees and suppliers always wanting money!

Don’t they know how busy you are?

I’ll keep the vultures at bay while you work on bringing home the bacon.

Sometimes a couple of hours a week is all it takes.

System Clean up

If your bills are a mess and you haven’t entered an receipt since 2016, then take a deep breath, grab a coffee, and let me get you back on track.

Once your accounts are up to date you’ll feel physically lighter, I promise.

All the way

Starting a new venture, and couldn’t be bothered or don’t have time to crunch the numbers as well?

Great! That’s what I’m good at!

Give me everything you got and i’ll make your bookwork look so pretty you’ll want to frame it!


current bookkeeping rate $40/hour. no gst applicable.

It’s never too early or too late to get organised!